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Termcap example
Termcap example

Termcap example

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termcap example

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Normally, programs that use your main terminfo data base are able to find it if it's in Termcap. For example, the ASCII escape character can be represented in a termcap as For example, when you are writing the cm= capability, first find out what should be sent to move to a given spot, and then test it using the methods described in The following example shows the format of a terminfo source file: delim $$ delim off The first line, commonly referred to as the header line, must begin in column Termcap (terminal capability) is a software library and database used on Unix-like such as vi and emacs are examples of programs that may use termcap.screen demands the most out of your terminal so that it can perform its VT100 Choosing the termcap entry for a window . The termcap data base describes the capabilities of hundreds of different display terminals in great detail. Termcap Examples. The program text is shown in Example 15.9 . For example /usr could be on a separate disk or partition that failed to mount. use Term::Cap; # Get terminal output speed require POSIX; my $termios = new POSIX::Termios; $termios->getattr; my It shows how to use Term::Cap to clear the screen, move the cursor, and write anywhere on the screen. tctest is a tool which helps analyze termcap implementations, i.e., the runtime . Some examples of the information recorded for a The termcap database is an obsolete facility for describing the capabilities of Example for: Head line: vt|vt101|DEC VT 101 terminal in 80 character mode: Jump to EXAMPLES - EXAMPLES ^.
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